Natural Human Diet

One Woman’s
Journey to Better Health
with a Carnivore Diet

Sue Woledge

Reclaiming health…

About me

Welcome to my website! I’m Sue. I’m a wife, Mum, and Grandma. I’m a bodywork practitioner (natural therapist) who gradually found her health deteriorating after a lifetime of eating vegan, vegetarian and a highly plant based wholefood diet.
When I first heard about the ‘Carnivore Diet’, I thought it sounded mental and discarded the idea as madness. However a couple of years later, I found myself revisiting this crazy meat diet, and making the decision to give it a go.
And so here I am….

Latest Articles

“Your body holds great wisdom. Trust it. Nourish it. Learn from it. Give it what it needs, and it will heal…”

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