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Thanks for visiting! I’ve created this page to gauge interest in my idea to set up an online community. I’m finding it a challenge to communicate with everyone who needs answers on my social media channels, and so I’ve been considering creating a better way to help provide support to those who need it.

My thoughts are that a community could be a place where we could have interesting conversations, make connections, share advice, experiences and recipes, and help each other with challenges when needed. I know that there are many of us, who like me, have found that their healing journey on Carnivore isn’t quite as straightforward as we might have hoped. And I also know how frustrating that can be trying to find answers to our questions on healing gut issues, histamine intolerance, lack of weight loss and more. I believe that this is where we can help each other.

If there’s not enough interest, then I won’t do anything and I’ll leave this on the back-burner for another day. But if there is, then I’ll get stuck in and create it.

I’d love to hear your suggestions or ideas if you have them. There would be a small fee (monthly or annual) to cover costs, and I’m interested in feedback with regards to that as well (what you think would be reasonable etc. I’m thinking around $5 per month). I thank you for taking the time to consider this and I’ll be in touch once I have an idea of which way I’m heading with it.

Thanks again!

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